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Welcome visit hengsimai official website!
Normal vibration sawing machine running gear clearance, just saw machine, normal power, this can save a lot of saw blade.

Saw belt tensioning the buffering gasket compression, saw zone into a soft sheet having damping function, band saw the use of long life, bed using wear-resistant materials.

Intelligent man-machine interface and clear touch screen with elegant operation panel, the operation is simple and efficient.

Band wheel high frequency quenching, the main electrical imported hydraulic parts, prolong the service life of more than 5 times.

Projection type capacitive touch, LED backlight LCD touch monitor, provide excellent quality, to ensure that it can adapt to the frequent use of harsh public occasions.

German imported motor. Adaptable, simple structure, easy adjustment and control.

  The country exports up to more than 50, the national first-tier cities have offices to hank. Better protect the customer service, solve all the customer's worries. Service tenet: credit first, efficiency first, customer first, service supreme. 
We will do:
1、Free guide for installation and provide complete installation reference icons
2、Provide free training to users
3、Free onsite debug machine
4、Do not visit the user regularly to ensure the normal operation of the machine

Name:Mr. Wu Telephone:0578-3559058
Mobile phone:13906889828 Address:Xingda road China Jinyun County of Zhejiang Province town pot Industrial Park No. 159

Zhejiang Dingfeng founded in 1990, after 20 years of stormy temper and hard work, the development company has become a company with modern standard production plant, first-class production and testing equipment and a high-quality production and management team of large enterprises. And has passed SO9001:2008 quality system certification...
What can be cut?
Horizontal band sawing machine is mainly used for sawing and cutting structural alloy steel, carbon steel,straightening steel and other metal materials.
What inspection before starting to do?
Check the hydraulic oil level is lower than the standard, please promptly added oil and hydraulic oil; check the coolant level below the standard, please add coolant.

Copyright:Zhejiang hengsimai Machinery Co., Ltd. Address:Xingda road China Jinyun County of Zhejiang Province town pot Industrial Park No. 159 Telephone:0578-3559058 

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